Tavern Brawl 15-8-16 – Hearthstone

Tavern brawl feature requires players to pick 3 cards. These 3 cards will have 10 copies each and make up a 30 card deck.


This week’s Tavern brawl is a repeat from months ago, but still extremely fun. You will be required to pick 1 of the 9 normal classes, where any cards can be chosen once. Once 3 cards have been picked, you will have 10 copies of each card in your deck which will total to the usual 30 card cap in normal gameplay.

This week’s tavern brawl is awesome since players will be able to pull of insane combos. The tavern brawl this week is also extremely fast paced, filled with some mill decks and a whole lot of agro decks. I’ve listed a few of the decks I used which are really fun to play.


Super agro driud, able to kill your opponent turn 3 easily:

Living Roots
Savage roar

Face rogue, constantly hit face and overwhelm opponent. Very little counter play.

Deadly poison

Dragon warrior, both agro and defence. Great deck. However, gets countered by heavy spell decks.

Inner Rage
Alexstrasza’s Champion
Twilight Guardian

Freeze agro mage, people may call you scum for using this deck, but atleast you get the win!

Ice Lance
Sorcerer’s Apprentice