Tavern Brawl – 28/1/16


The special effect this week for Tavern Brawl is that all minions cost 1, but all the minions when placed on board immediately get a spell cast on them stating their health and attack are set to 1-1. This theme may seem very simple, but a lot of strategies can be used for this week, including the maximum use of spells and weapons! Best classes will be ones where there are spells or effect cards that can increase the health and attack of minions.

Tavern 28.1.16


This Tavern Brawl is so fun, for my deck, I used a heap of damaging spells to attempt to kill my opponent across a few turns, as well with cards that are able to themselves or each other. The best strategy for this week is to pick minions with other effects, since for the tavern brawl, you don’t take into account the mana cost of the minion or the health and attack as every minion will cost 1 mana for a 1-1. Note that

Warlock is definitely one of the strongest classes for the Tavern brawl since you won’t really be worried about your life total since the enemy minions will most likel only be 1-1’s. Note that if you play jaraxus, the infernos you spawn will only be 1-1, which is unfortunate, but it remains balanced since you do get the 3-8 weapon which is up to 24 damage.

Best card across all the classes is certainly “Alexstrasza” since it can be played early to significantly reduce your opponent’s health total. Cards like “Anubisath Sentinel” is definitely top tier, since once they die, they give a MASSIVE buff to your other minions, “shade of naxxramas” and “floating watcher” are also top tier since they increase in power over the turns, and are extremely hard to deal with unless the enemy decides to burn them with spells.

Mage is also another top tier class since they have a load a board clear like “Arcane Missles” and “Arcane explosion” which are both low cost, and very effective for this particular tavern brawl. Mage is also an excellent choice since “Archmage Antonidas” will only cost 1 mana, meaning if you play decks like mech mage, with a whole heap of low cost spells would easily win you the game from the heap of early fire balls. “Alextrasza” is also good in this deck and be use to OTK your opponent. eg. Alextrasza + coin + Fire ball + Fire ball + Frost bolt.

This tavern brawl is extremely interactive and causes players to think of difference plays possible in the attempt to gain board control with your relatively useless minions. What’s great abut this tavern brawl is that it forces players to use normally under-used or weak cards in casual gameplay since the effect makes those minions so much stronger as casual play minions focus more on stats, not effects as they are too slow. Since this tavern brawl slows the game down by so much, having all minions only have a 1-1 beginning stats, it opens much more opportunities for plays and OTKs.