Tavern Brawl – 31-12-15

Tavern brawl 31.12.15This week’s tavern brawl is yet another recycled tavern brawl from earlier in the year, but needless to say, it’s definitely one of the best and most fun ones out there.

For this tavern brawl, I used a paladin deck, filled with support type cards to assist my smaller minions, and to also control the enemy board by weakening their minions. Reason being you include cards such as “equality”, “Aldor peace keeper”, “consecrate” and “Keeper of Ulddaman” is because you want to play safe and easily subdue your opponent’s bigger creatures as you do not know what’s lurking beneath their deck.

I opted for an early – mid game deck because lower cost cards ensure you can use your hero power every turn, which is key to winning the tavern brawl since your hero power only cost 2 mana, and gains tons of value.

Remember, the key to winning the tavern brawl is to use your hero power, most of the time it is better to use your hero power than play a 2-drop or an even bigger creature.

I’ve displayed my deck on the right, feel free to copy it and make adjustments to it. It was my first deck I drafted for this week’s tavern brawl, I easily overwhelmed my opponent forcing him to concede turn 5 as I had full control of the board. If you too had a win with this deck, comment down below ^-^

Good luck guys!