Tavern Brawl – 5/2/16

This week we get a new tavern brawl! not the usual repeats! What an exciting week, with a new tavern brawl and the news of the brand new formats.

This weeks tavern brawl basically equips you and your opponent  a random weapon every turn. Once the weapons charges are depleted, destroyed or you use your hero power it will be immediately replaced.  No matter what class you choose, your hero power will be replaced with a one that allows you to destroy your current weapon, and replace it with a random one.

Tavern 5.2.16

It’s been quite fun, testing your RNG luck and seeing if you either completely whiff and get ‘Lights Justice” or if you get super fortunate and manage to get “Gladiators Longbow” or “Gore Howl”. Personally, I really love this tavern brawl, the random weapons can really dictate the way the game proceeds and cards like the Ooze or Harrison aren’t really over powered in this match anyway, since one a weapon gets destroyed, it will be immediately replaced.

I recommend you use the Rogue class when playing the tavern brawl since the class has tons of weapon synergy and utility. With the various rogue spells, it’s just too good not to play, with cards such as “Deadly Poison”, “Blade Flurry”, “Tinker’s Sharpsword Oil” and also the vast amounts of cycle cards. Rogue is definitely the best class for this brawl with class specific minions like “Buccaneer” and “Goblin Auto Barber” allow for great for early board presence along with weapon synergy . These weapon buffing cards are great outside of tavern brawls, but even better here since you can get the effects on weapons with more charges, usually unavailable to rogue, such as “Gore Howl” or “Doom Hammer”.

Note that from turn one the game give you a 1/2 weapon, “Charged Hammer” is used up or destroyed, it will replace your hero power, and you will be unable to destroy your weapon and change it anymore. However, you will still get a weapon every time your charges are used up, and the hero power will become “deal 2 damage”, which can be directed at targetable cards or your opponent’s portrait.

At the start of the brawl, you will begin with 10 bonus armour increasing your life total to 40 for every class. This is done so the game lasts a fraction longer since the addition of weapons every turn in this tavern brawl, will speed the game up.

While drafting a deck, aim to never draft weapons obviously, since you will be getting a random one for free anyway.