Tavern Brawl – 6/1/16

This week’s Tavern brawl is a new concept, where players are able to choose and draft their own decks, however the special effect is that each player can choose one of the 4 special effects shown in the picture below.

Pick an effect Tavern

When an effect is selected, that effect will only be placed onto you throughout the rest of the game and occur every round.

For this particular tavern brawl, I recommend that players choose the “Deathrattle Bonus” since death rattle minions are mostly high quality picks, the +1/+1 bonus will make them even better. Adding the 1-1 to every deathrattle minion will create more pressure for the opponent to destroy the minion, which allows the deathrattle effect to be triggered faster in the game compared to normal mode gameplay where players may just choose to ignore the minion. For example, in a normal game mode, player may choose to ignore a “haunted creeper”, but with the added +1/+1 bonus, a 2-3 haunted creeper will appear much more threatening compared to a 1-2.

I also chose the “Deathrattle Bonus” since overall in the game, there are more deathrattle minions, and also deathrattle minions can be played every turn to attain value, whereas for example the “Battlecry Bonus” requires a battlecry card to be played, and if you have no minions on the board, you lose the battlecry.Tavern brawl 6.1.16


For my tavern brawl draft deck, I chose the priest class and used the deck on the right with the “Death rattle bonus”. This death rattle priest deck did extremely well against most matches and isn’t very hard to play. Aim of the deck is just to try draw cards with your “Northshire Cleric” and protect it with the other deathrattle cards, or taunt cards. Don’t worry about board clears too much, since after all you do have “deathrattle” minions.
Focus on clearing enemy minions as “deathrattle” decks are more control type, more so, you are also a priest meaning you shouldn’t be going face anyway.

This is a very easy to play deck, you pretty much just have to play on your mana curve as much as possible, don’t “float” mana (Leave mana un-used) and just keep playing your minions which will eventually lead into you winning providing you keep board control.

For the mulligan, try aim to get the 1 or 2 cost cards, refrain from keeping “Valen’s choosen” as buffing cards should be used later in the game, as playing it on turn 3 ensures you wont get the “Deathrattle Bonus” for that turn. You need the early 1 or 2 mana cost cards, throw all other cards away until you find them, keep 3 drops only if you already have a 2 drop.

Feel free to use my deck displayed or alter it.
Comment below if it helped you ^.^