Team Ancient Form own Organisation ” Godsent”

Team Ancient was formed after Pronax was released from Fnatic. The ex-IGL of Team Fnatic went on to form his own team comprising of mainly Swedish stars such as Znajder, Twist and Pauf. The team has gone on to accomplish quite a lot. The team won the Panamera CS:GO Challenge held in Stockholm and have been playing without any kind of support since the last couple of months. They have now decided to form their own organisation; Godsent. Initially the organisation will be formed only under two people; Pronax and a capital investor, Toms Martin.

In a statement released by ex-Fnatic IGL Pronax;


“We have been working super hard since the beginning of 2016 to find a working lineup that everyone in the team could be happy with, not only that,” Wallsten said in a statement.

“We also made an somewhat unconventional decision to not join up with an established organisation, instead we wanted to create a brand that we players can be proud of, a brand that we still would like to play for years to come.

“And the result of that is Godsent.”