Team Dignitas Shrimp on starting roster- LoL

Dignitas has replaced Chaser in favour of Shrimp

Chaser had originally been brought on by Dignitas in an attempt to scoop up one of the prime junglers in the Korean scene. However, only after half a year of playing with Dignitas, Chaser has been dropped following sub-par results, failing to accelerate Dignitas’s growth to what they had wishes. Dig placed 5th-6th in the recent NA LCS Spring Split, losing 0-3 to Phoenix1.

Due to that, Dignitas has decided to bring Shrimp on the starting roster. They had originally signed Shrimp earlier on the year as a substitute player, only deciding now to actively allow him to play on the starting roster. Shrimp was too pick up from the Korean scene, while he has not played actively in the NA LCS, it is expected he still has great communication with the team, allowing him to fit right in.

As chaser is no longer part of the starting roster, he has decided to leave the organisation and announce his free agency.