Team Dignitas vs. Team Impulse – NA LCS 2016 – Week 5 – Day 2 – Preview

Team Dignitas vs Team Impulse are matched up against each other for the North American League of Legends Challenger Series to be held Sunday February 14, 2016 in Day 2, Week 5 of the competition.

Billyboss : Feng

Kirei : Procxin

Shiphtur : Pirean

Apollo : Mash

Kiwikid : Gate


Both mid-low tier teams in the LCS, picking up wins against each other will be vital in order to keep themselves out of the relegation zone. Team Impulse, despite going 0- 2 last week, didn’t lose their places in the league, which is exceptional based off how other teams did, they are very good at staying above the bottom and keeping themselves just out of the relegation zone. Team Dignitas have been somewhat of a hit and miss, Apollo and Shiphtur are able to carry on a variety of champions if fed and protected, but Billyboss seems to be performing poorly compared to other top laners in the league. It should be a close game, and due to the nature of both teams, there could be some throws and rethrows, meaning the game could swing either way.

Predictions: Team Dignitas: 50% : Team Impulse: 50%