Team Empire parts ways with ALOHADANCE

According to Empire website, they have parted ways with ALOHADANCE


«Our management has always listened to the players especially when they backed their offers with reasonable points. Such situation happened during this transfer period. Unfortunately, that didn’t worked as we planned. We don’t blame anyone specifically: the team has lost as well as our management. Managers will continue their work with the players who are willing to develop, these who can listen and are ready to draw the right conclusions.

The changes are needed. Everyone understands that. It would be very hard for our roster to grow in its current state. Today we say goodbye to ALOHADANCE. Ilya has changed positively as a personality but unfortunately he couldn’t perform as well as we expected. It is possible that this roster just wasn’t «his» team. We wish him to find the team in which he will show his A-class play.

This change is not going to be the only one, but it is too early to talk about it. We have some time and will do all we can to make right decisions and not to disappoint our fans in the future».