Team Envy vs. Counter Logic Gaming – NA LCS week 6 – Previews & predictions

Envy vs CLg

So many dank memes floating about CLG from the apparent ‘Golden Age’, to regrets about picking up Huhi over Pobelter to being FreeLG. CLG are currently playing very poorly with a variety of problems.

In terms of mechanics, Envy should be able to match CLG if not better them. Seraph and Ninja have been very solid in their respective lanes; usually maintaining a small gold lead at the 15-minute mark.

CLG on the other hand are struggling against teams that aggressively fight for towers, dive early and fight for objectives. Highly proactive plays from teams like TSM and Immortals put CLG in a position in which they react very slowly. This match-up should be very close, and most likely be taken to game three. I am quite bashful on CLG, as a TSM fan, hence my opinion is slightly bias. Hence, I feel like Team Envy have the upper hand in this match-up.

Prediction: Team Envy 50% | Counter Logic Gaming 50% (2-1 Envy Victory)