Team Envy vs. Immortals – NA LCS week 6 – Previews & predictions

Envy vs Immortals

While TSM is stealing the spotlight as the best team in North America, Immortals have been performing just as well. They have adopted a similar style of play; fighting at every open opportunity and outclassing their enemies in raw mechanical skill.

In the past few weeks Team Envy was unable to hold first place, dropping games to TSM, Liquid and Immortals. Overall, both Team Envy and Immortals are very well rounded teams. For Team Envy, Seraph and Ninja are huge carry threats and lane bullies, Procxin is controlled and vision orientated and their bot-lane is also sub-par with the rest of the league. However, Immortals simply outclasses Team Envy in skill, experience and mechanics. I do not expect Team Envy to hold onto their current standings and games against teams like Immortals, C9, TSM and Liquid are the ones that Envy are going to struggle against.

Overall, Immortals have better shot calling, much better team synergy and multiple-carry threats that will seek to overwhelm Envy. If Envy ever think that they have time to take a breath in this match-up, they are wrong.

Predictions: Team Envy 40% | Immortals 60% (2-0 Immortals win)