Team Faceless disbanded – Dota 2

After failing to qualify for TI7, Team Faceless has disbanded

Team Faceless were originally created in September 2016, where a gathering of both young and veteran talent were combined to make the ideal SEA region competitive team. They had even recruited ‘iceiceice’, one of the best individual players in the region whom has attended all the previous ‘The International’ events.

While a lot of hype was placed upon the team to rise to the top and dominate the region, many skilled teams started to form with the aim of qualifying for TI7. This lead to the SEA region being extremely competitive and Faceless leaving with a 6th standing at the South East Asian qualifiers for The International addition, while the team performed fairly strongly in regional tournaments and qualifiers, they failed to translate this AMAZING play to the international scene.

After around 10 months of operations, Team Faceless will disband and release all their players. It is likely the players will go their separate ways and become free agents as their group performance was tested and found to be too weak for the international events.