Team HCN Carry replies to Fly



Carry of Team HCN, Syft replied to Fly’s comments about his team name.

Hey Guys, I am Syft, Carry of the HCN Team, and this is meant to be the answer to Fly’s tweet yesterday. (

First off, most of what follows is not directed to Fly directly, but rather to the community. I respect him a lot for calling us out on this topic and I understand the reason behind it.

Black, disabled, homosexual people do not need internet heroes to protect them. I’m not saying that racism isn’t a problem anymore. I’m saying that people need to separate between obvious jokes and real racism. This goes from Twitch chat’s Three Merlini-Jokes (obviously racist, but still funny in my opinion) and TriHard spam to being called an autistic faggot ingame(which is not okay). Learn drawing a line. Is calling people names like “Nigger” really the problem here, or is it about creating marginal groups, treating a number of people in another way than you treat your friends or want to be treated yourself?

Next. Outrage. I’m getting sick of People hiding behind political correctness in order to be able to ignore real, severe problems, which mostly do not even apply to those people. Want to help? Start supporting people in need instead of causing public indignation over a made-up troll name. We do not even have political or sociocritical influence whatsoever. Political correctness is trendy, a lot of people see it as hobby and jump on the bandwagon of today’s fake charity community, wanting to be modern and famous rather than actually wanting to help.

Learn laughing again. It is okay to make fun about almost anything, as long as you do not limit it to specific marginal groups. “But it’s not okay to make fun about black, disabled or homosexual people!” You know what that’s called? Racism. You are putting yourself above other people, separating them in a different group. Stop that shit. Respect each other.

Last, I’ll just leave this here. (Interview of Morgan Freeman regarding racism)

This definitely has not gone down well with the community as can be judged from the massive downvotes he has been getting for the post. We definitely do not agree with him as such names as Holocaust Niggers causes and spreads hate for the community in the minds of gullible people. It is not a joke, its racism Mr Syft