Team Huma Banned for Riot Sanctioned tournament

The ban towards Huma is permanent and will take affect on October 1st due to team failing to meat contractual obligations.

Team huma

Riot Games has announced on Thursday that Team Huma will be permanently banned for all Riot sanctioned league tournaments after weeks of investigation towards their treatment towards their players. Riot has stated that “Since March 2016, there have been verified instances of late payments towards their players and HUMA not meeting all of their contractual obligations towards their players.”. Team Huma is also found guilty of failing to pay players above or the minimum player compensation / wage which are in affect throughout all teams who wish to participate in Riot sanctioned tournaments.

Earlier in the year, Team Huma had already been accused of failing to pay players on time. This was alleged on twitter and directed towards the team owner Behdad Jaafarian by head coach Kublai “Kubz” Barlas and analyst Jonathon “Kamikazplatypus” working for Team huma. This resulted in most of the player in their previous roster leaving which force Huma to sign a new roster in July for the Eu LCS Split.

Team owner Behdad Jaafarian has been banned from being associated with any team with relations to a Riot sanctioned tournament. This too will be in affect from the 1st of October. Riot stated that the ban of the team and owner will take affect in a month so the team is able to sell their Challenger Series spot which their qualified for, this is intended ““In order to minimize disruption”