Team Impulse vs Team Liquid – NA LCS – Week 7 – Day 1 – Preview

G2 Team Impulse vs Team Liquid ARE matched up against each other for the NA LCS Round 7 Day 1 game to be held Saturday February 27, 2016 at 12pm PT.

Team impulse








Feng : Lourlo
Procxin : Dardoch
Pirean : Fenix
Mash : Piglet
Gate : Matt

Both TIP and TL are trying to get into playoffs. TL are sitting at tied 6th place, so desperately need a win to secure their position, as Echo Fox are climbing rapidly. For TIP, a win will tie them with Liquid, and push them into playoffs contention.
On the side of TL, Lourlo has been their weak link. He is often camped by opposing junglers, and plays splitpush champions avoiding fights. However, Dardoch is extremely mechanically talented, and Piglet has been able to carry well, so they definitely have the potential to win. Fenix needs to step up, as recently he has had a somewhat unexciting showing, playing averagely, which could be what is holding TL back.

For TIP, at 4-8 they need to make it either into playoffs, or secure themselves 7th place to not be put into the promotion tournament. For them, Mash has performed well, and Gate, despite not being a support main for long, does play well, especially on champions like Alistar.

Overall, TL desperately need wins, meaning they could be more motivated to perform and get the win here, they are overall more mechanically skilled, so I expect them to be able to beat TIP, but it could be a close match.

Chance of victory: Team Impulse: 40% : Team Liquid: 60%