Team Kazakhstan disqualified; France to Replace them

Team Kazakhstan were set to play against Team France in the qualification match. However after reports came in that Dosia ws playng on the team; they were Disqualified. Their spot automatically went to France who were next in queue.


During a routine checkup it was found that zlex could not have been playing in their match against France. Upon further probing it was found that Dosia was playing and helping out his team mates from Team Gambit.


The match ended with a score of 3:2 for team Kazakhstan. During the usual routine of checking up on any possible irregularities, it was found out that it could not have been Evgeniy “ZLEX” Kim playing the match. After further investigation and direct communication with the team captain and the players, it was admitted that the Russian Team Gambit player Mikhail “DOSIA” Stolyarov took ZLEX’s place in this match.

This is of course in direct violation to our rules and will be punished with a ban of one year for the national team of Kazakhstan and a two year ban for the players in yesterday’s team Kazakhstan lineup as well as a two year ban for DOSIA. Team Kazakhstan will be immediately disqualified from The World Championships 2016 and the qualifying spot will go to Team France.

In turn the players were banned.

List of banned players:

Name “Nickname” Lastname Ban Duration
 Evgeniy “zLex” Kim 2 years
 Dauren “AdreN” Kystaubayev 2 years
 Rustem “mou” Telepov
2 years
 Bektiyar “fitch” Bahytov 2 years
 Abay “h0bbit” Khasenov 2 years
 Mikhail “Dosia” Stolyarov 2 years