Team Kinguin signs Lets Do It

Kinguin has stepped into the Dota 2 scene

Team Kinguin, the one of the better sellers for online goods like games, csgo crates and software has decided to step into the Dota 2 scene. They have signed Lets Do It, a completed polish roster/team of players who had previously qualified for the ROS MASTERS 2017 EMEA Regional Qualifier. Their qualification was likely the biggest factor from Kinguin’s decision to sign the roster.

The previous Lets Do It roster had only stayed with the team for 3 to 4 weeks before joining Kinguin. Lets Do It as a team barely had any credibility to their name, with little to no influence on the wider cs.go scene. However, LDI previously picked up hugely from their deal with the 5 players, allowing them to quickly catch the eye of Kinguin from the qualifiers.