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FINALLY…I can speak about our plans for this year. Technically, we are still earlier than last year, but everyone has been really excited to announce for a while now. When we picked up the roster last year we definitely thought there was lots of talent, but what we didn’t expect is that this would come about so fast and so convincingly. I have to give massive props to KuroKy whose understanding of team building is one of a kind, and it is an honor working alongside each other on providing everything a competitive team needs. By getting second at two majors and winning Epicenter, our Dota team achieved new heights that we will be proud of forever. That thanks extends to all members of the team, even those that will not be with us going forward. JerAx, FATA-, Blitz, you guys are awesome. Thanks for everything and best of luck with your new endeavors.

With that said, the hunger for more is bigger than ever, and that desire is shared by everyone on our new lineup. KuroKy, MinD_ContRoL and MATUMBAMAN will be returning for another round of Dota, intent on achieving even more. It was a joy watching them grow throughout the year, and they are undoubtedly stronger players now than when we first started.

Our core will be joined by two incredible additions, and together we are committed to achieving new goals. I’m thrilled to announce that one of 2016’s breakout stars will be joining Liquid:Amer “Miracle-” Al-Barkawi. In my opinion (and I don’t think I’m saying anything controversial here) he has shown that he is one of the best players in the world, if not the best, and his consistency throughout the year was just as impressive as his peaks. He took the world by storm when he joined OG, and we will take that storm and turn it into a hurricane. Excuse my cheesiness, I’m just excited that’s all.

Our other addition is good ol’ Kanishka ‘Sam’ “BuLba” Sosale. Sam is the Dota player with whom we have the longest history, and a unique one at that. Whenever I’m asked about my favorite Liquid moments, our win against LGD is always a part of that list. Fighting against a Chinese team for a spot in the top eight of The International was momentous for Liquid that year. It was a big milestone for us as an organization, but I don’t think any of our current players will look at a top eight finish the same way we did back then. Several times this year, Sam’s knowledge was vital to our team, and his understanding of Dota is always hugely beneficial. Over the past year, BuLba has learned even more while playing for some of the biggest teams in the scene. That experience is going to be key as we set out on a new journey together.

I know that expectations are high for this new lineup, and everyone feels good about the group we have now. Thankfully, the Dota off-season is almost coming to a close because I’m sure our fans want to see our 5 guys back in action. Cheer us on during the The Summit 6 qualifiers, the next tournament on our new adventure.