Team liquid dumps “Pimp” – Cs.go

Pimp will now act as a free agent, currently looking for a team

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One of the biggest counter strike teams, Team liquid, has decided to dump one of their active roster members, Pimp. While Pimp initially stated that he wished to join another organisation, he has yet to find a home. This lead to Team Liquid releasing Pimp’s contract, while he still had time remaining.

This likely means both TL and Pimp left on unfavourable terms, as contract releases usually signal bad relationship. Pimp had previously enjoyed working as an analyst and is likely moving on to the roll in the near future.

While he is still fairly young, at only 21 years old, it is likely he will be provided many more opportunity with his past record. Pimp has previously stood in for Tricked Esports, where they were able to achieve fairly good results, considering he was only a stand in