Team liquid enters Call of Duty

Finally, after much speculation, Team Liquid finally get a CoD team!

Cod twitter 1  Cod twitter 3

Major gaming organization “Team Liquid” has recently announced their collection of players forming their first Call of duty team. This roster includes 4 Top tier players, including the popular call of duty professional gamer and youtuber, “Merk”. “Merk” has been appointed the head of the Liquid CoD Captain, with all his previous success and experienced right under his belt.

Cod twitter 2The new players that will be representing “Team Liquid” are:

Bryan “Apathy” Zhelyazkov Jeremy “StuDyy” Astacio Joey “MerK” DeLuca Matthew “Burnsoff” Potthoff.

Team liquid has always created successful gaming teams throughout the years, major ones including their League of Legends team, Counter strike team and their Hearthstone team. Esprts wish all the newly signed players success, and hope they grow into the major team we will all know and love.Cod twitter 4