Team Liquid returns to Heroes of the Storm

Team Liquid has signed the former Misfits roster

Team Liquid had previously been one of the first biggest teams to enter the competitive Heroes of the Storm scene. While they were initially successful as they were able to sign the best players being one of the biggest teams having access to a heap of money, the team eventually deteriorated and lead to Team Liquid and Heroes of the Storm star player “Cris” parting ways. Since the team were unable to find a proper replacement, they eventually failed to qualify for the HGC 2017 and decided to withdraw from the whole scene.

Now, Liquid has decided to sign the former Misfits roster and re-enter the scene with a strong and proven player line-up. This not only allows Team Liquid to once again enter the scene which is still fairly set for competitive players, but the deal also adds more competition and action to the scene as well as supporting the former Misfits rosters which were left hanging.

The Misfits organization on the other hand are looking for a new group of players as the Miami Heats of the NBA invested in the organization and granted them additional funds to search and sign the best players in the scene. Through this, the owner of Misfits have announced that they are aiming to enter the North America’s HGC league. Possible options right now are Team 8 and B Step, both of which are unsponsored and are currently participating in the North America’s HGC league