Team Liquid signs Mickey

Team Liquid has signed former ROX tigers midline, Mickey

In an effort to rise to the top once again, Team Liquid has made a desperate attempt in signing former ROX Tigers superstar, Mickey. As you may have guessed, Mickey is a Korean player with extremely good mechanics and overall lane presence. While Mickey has not yet played for an American team, which may be a problem due to language barriers, his ability as an individual player may be able to off set that.

North America is no stranger in sniping players from other regions, typically Korean, the home of Esports. Organisations over the past couple of years have constantly looked for overseas talent and Mickey is definitely one of those players. While some teams such as TSM choose to have a fully English speaking roster to boost team communication and the team’s overall relationship, this move by TL is by no means going to result in Mickey being an outcast. Liquid currently has Piglet and Reignover signed, so this change may lead to less NA players on the NA team, but it is believed they will still communicate in English or even have 2 language going at once, similar to the Chinese team, RNG.