Team Liquid to be replaced by Ad Finem at Northern Arena BEAT Invitational


Northern ArenaTeam Liquid has announced their decision to withdraw from Dream League Season 6. The event which is scheduled for less than two weeks, will see one of its participants forfeiting their position.

The reason given for this step is the probability of changes to their roster. There have been several internal problems within the team and many expect the roster to change.  Team Liquid will forfeit all their past and upcoming matches in the tournament. They will also not partake in any of the prize pool for DreamLeague Season liquid

The Northern Arena BEAT Invitational is less than two weeks away and we regret to inform you that Team Liquid will be withdrawing from the tournament to undergo changes to the team. We’ll be anxiously looking forward to what the future holds for the Liquid squad and we can expect them to be back in a big way as their organization has always impressed from top to bottom. We wish them the best of luck in future events and hope to see a rejuvenated stack moving forward.

With Liquid withdrawing, space is created for another team to show their quality. Ad Finem has shown modest, but impressive results, despite unifying under veteran team leader Giorgios ‘SsaSpartan’ Giannakopoulos just 11 months ago. While they are still in their infancy by competitive standards, Ad Finem has continued to grow since their formation. This culminated just over a week ago with an impressive showing in the Boston Major EU Qualifier. They defeated Alliance, Na’Vi, Team Secret, and Team Liquid to qualify for the main event. Following this strong showing, we at Northern Arena decided to extend them an invitation to compete and show the world what they can do. They accepted and will now have the opportunity to prove themselves at just their second live LAN event this November 10-13 at the Bell Centre in Montreal.

ad-finemAd Finem will be the team that will be replacing Team Liquid at the tournament. This news follows them replacing NaVi at Dreamleague. The Ad finem team which has impressed many but were unable to qualify for several tournaments due to just missing out on points suddenly finds itself playing in many tournaments due to internal problems within other teams.


This is definitely a golden opportunity for the boys to prove their worth. Stay tuned for more updates.