Team Liquid using investment money for Chef, Psychologist

Team Liquid was recently infused with funds from the Axiomatic Group. The investment has spurred refreshed efforts to improve the efficiency and performance of the esports teams under the Liquid banner.


There are two new positions opened up at the Liquid organisation.

The positions are for  a Cook and a Sports Psychologist. It seems the organisation is not just focussing on results but also on the mental and the physical health of the players. It is really inspiriing to see an organistaion put such efforst into the well being of its players.

Shown below are the requirements for these two positions :


sports-psychologist-team-liquid team-liquid-chef-position


If you are interested in applying for these positions check out the Liquid Page.  What is exciting is to see the organisation use the money responsibly and for the development of the players. This move will help the players feel more comfortable and focus exclusively on their gameplay.