Team Mineski to skip WESG, will be replaced by TNC Pro team



Team Mineski will not be playing in the WESG matches upcoming in the upcoming weeks, This is due to a scheduling conflict with the ASUS Rog Finale in Malaysia.

Their slot will go to TNC Pro team.


While we always seek to play in as many tournaments as feasible and possible for us to be able to hone our play, we regret to inform you, our fans, that we will be dropping out of the WESG APAC Finals in South Korea, due to scheduling conflicts with the ASUS ROG Masters finale in Malaysia.

To be clear, we have decided to go with the ASUS ROG Masters in order to further hone our team chemistry, as the WESG’s nation-based roster limitations will force us to play without our core, Galvin Kang ‘Meracle’ Jian Wen.

Due to time constraints, we could not run an independent set of qualifiers in order to determine who would take our spot – something which WESG admins initially agreed with. So, after further deliberation with the tournament admins, it has been decided that TNC Pro Team will get the slot instead, based on the suggestion by our manager Yamyam Yui to the admins.