Team No Limit v Team YL HOTS Gold Series Tournament 2016 Tips, Odds & Preview

hots gold series
The game between Team No Limit v Team YL in the HOTS Gold Series will be played on the 15th of January 2016.

Team No Limit

Team No Limit formerly played under the name of Team DK, this Korean powerhouse lineup is no team to mess with. This lineup is insane and had a strong showing in every tournament they go into. Sticking together through these times you know they have great chemistry together, and the strong warrior play from sCsC will be something to look out for by Team YL.


Battletag                      Name                        Role


Kinnu                     Kim Byeong Gwan        Support

JaeHyun               Park Jae Hyun               Support

Sniper                   Kwon Tae Hoon             Flex

Noblesse             Chae Do Joon                 Flex

sCsC                    Kim Seung-Chul              Warrior

CrazyMoving      Han Ki Soo                      Assassin

Team YL

Team YL is a multiple top tier tournament winning team, where we saw them play and have a dominant showing and representation of China and Chinese teams as a whole a the World Championships at Blizzcon. YL lost for 5-6 place to Team Dignitas but the game was so close, and a great game to watch. Being a team to compete on a world scenario and not only local, I believe this team has what it takes to be diverse in their drafts and their gameplay as a whole. This will definitely be a team to look out for and a match to watch.


Battletag                    Name                         Role


sBB                            Wang Zhenhua         Warrior

liang                          Huang Xiaoliang       Support/Specialist

Dd                              Dou Dou                     Assassin/Specialist

Guij                            An Qiusong               Support

xiaod                         Yang Tao                   Warrior


Toss of the coin!

Team YL: 50%
Team No Limit: 50%