Team NP to get their first official sponsor.



Team NP which was newly formed by several pro Dota2 players has finally found their first official sponsor. The Dota2 roster which consists of veterans such as


  • Aui_2000
  • EternalEnVy
  • MSS
  • SVG
  • 1437

After being in the center of the Puppey controversy, Eternal EnVy decided to make his own team. He has been upright about straightening things and doing it in the right way. Just over a month since the formation of the team, they have already found their first sponsor. While the name of the sponsor remains a mystery, it is heartening to see players taking a pro active role in deciding their future.


Team NP recently came 2nd in the Northern Arena BEAT Invitational Closed Qualifier. We will keep you posted about any further developments with Team NP.