Team NP withdraws from DreamLeague Season 6


Team NP have decided to drop themselves out of DreamLeague Season 6. Their current score in the tournament is a 3-7 scoreline. They still had a few matches left to be played. However with this recent decision the team have forfeited most of their matches. They will not be eligible to play in the upcoming matches either.


The reason given by the management is due to the packed schedule that the team is currently playing in the current season. Player Fatigue and scheduling issues are causing severe mental burnout for the team and it is their call to not play in Dream League Season 6. With this announcement we see yet another big name team withdrawing from DreamLeague Season 6.


Team NP have decided to drop the ASUS ROG DreamLeague with the score of 3-7 and two remaining BO2 matches. Team NP will be disqualified and all their past and remaining games will be forfeited automatically leaving them with a 0-14 score and also removing any prize money the team have won so far. Team NP will not be replaced as most of the league matches have been played, and to replace the team at this point would not be possible.

Team NP’s reason to leave ASUS ROG DreamLeague was due to their current schedule with too many tournaments going on. Team NP joined Season 6 on October 5th as a replacement to teams dropping the league previously. The league’s administration has worked closely with Team NP and other teams to try to accommodate schedule issues. After yesterdays Team NP vs match, Team NP and the league administration agreed on a schedule to proceed. Today Team NP notified the league administration that they would withdraw from the remainder of the season.

But today, even with the unfortunate events that have occurred, the league is doing better than ever and we are already planning a lot of stuff we want to do for 2017 and we can’t wait until we can share this with you.


There will be changes in the schedule to accommodate this change in the team list. Further changes will be updated on