Team NRG win over Liquid in a nail biting match



The two teams who have had it really close so far in the tournament were facing off against each other in a very close matchup. They traded the first two maps to go to the third map. The third map which is an escort map saw NRG show up a very strong defense. The map had a time bank system with NRG having a signficant advantage of a 1 map. Both teams were ultimately able to accrue 3 points and the map ended in a draw. This was the first map that ended up in a draw after a tied match

The first contest point map in Overtime was on Numbani. NRG started with Reaper and Ana, while Liquid went with Zenyata. However the defense of NRG proved too strong and soon we had Zenyata switching in for Pharah. NRG however were able to reach 99% of the control. Liquid managed to storm into the point with Winston and wrest control of the point at 99%. It was moving in a direction of a Cloud9 like comeback as AZK was able to kill NRG players multiple times. The Graviton surge proved fatal for NRG. The map was a very close map as NRG were able to hold on after a Reinhart surge pushed away two liquid players.

The Overtime rules state a best of three scenario and the next map was on Numbani again but on a different checkpoint. Both the teams got straight into fighting even before the point was unlocked for capturing. Team Liquid started off very early with a nanoboosted Winston. The early Point control went to Team Liquid who quickly built it upto 40%.


Liquid Winston decided to jump into the backlines to try to hurt the support, but the usage of a Blizzard forced Winston to go into Rage mode. The early usage of Rage without any DPS backup forced Liquid to go defensive. The fight looked like NRG would win it, but LIquid somehow managed control again and went up to 95%. NRG came back in one final try. They had 4 ultimates ready to go including Death Blossom, Sound Barrier, Blizzard. That proved to be the deciding factor as NRG got control of the point. It was a very back and forth fight as Liquid came back with two ultimates of their own. Liquid won the second checkpoint and we went into round 3.

The third point saw AZK and Godz both on their Tracer. Liquid tried their best to take initial control of the map, however they were unable to do so. AZK used his pulse bomb without any backup and that was a crucial ultimate lost. The initial fight was won by NRG without any heroes being dead. As a result, we saw NRG building up their ultimates. The second push by Liquid was easily washed away due to the multiple ultimates by NRG.

LIquid pushed back later with the Graviton surge, this was countered by a graviton surge by Seagull himself. However Powerboost ( Nanoboost on Reaper) helped LIquid take control of the point. NRG winning their own next battle with the Death Pulse saw them taking control of the map. LIquid tried once more with a sound barrier and no other ultimates, however NRG were able to hold off the point.


NRG won over Team Liquid in Overtime on Map 3.