Team Solo Mid vs. Immortals – LoL NA LCS 2016 – Day 2 W2 – Preview

Team Solo Mid vs. Immortals are matched up against each other for the North American, League of Legends Champion Series will be held Sunday, January 24, 2016 – Day 1. 8AM


Immortals have shown to be definitely a force to be reckoned with, with their superior line up they truly show the experience of the individual players they picked up. The immortal’s map awareness and communication have exceeded expectations, especially with their previous game having a double teleport line up. On the other hand, TSM has been hyped up a lot but have not performed as well as expected as shown by the horrid early and mid game against liquid, even with the almost full roster change. TSM are currently 1-1, having won a match with their superior late game, and decision making. Will Immortals Wild Turtle be able to beat his previous team TSM, and his successor TSM Doublelift, this game and lane should be one to watch!

Predictions : Immortals 60% l Team Solo mid 40%