Team SoloMid new roster – TSM kicks 3

Svenskeren, Biofrost and Doublelift are OUT

Rumours surrounding the departure of Doublelift have been confirmed, along with the new line-up. TSM will be replacing Sven, Bio and Doublelift on their starting roster. This was confirmed through a TSM Youtube video titled ‘TSM 2018 Roster Reveal’, meaning the changes have been locked in and the 5 players are now Solomid’s starting roster.

New TSM line up:


The team now consists of 3 NA players along with the 2 EU bot laners from G2 esports. While the TSM’s decision to pick up the fairly new player MikeYeung, may be questionable against Sven, their call to secure the EU botlane was correct. Sven was definitely booted due to Riot’s policy that prevents a region’s team from consisting of majority imports.