Team Spirit v Elements Pro Gaming

elements pro gaming

Welcome to the preview for the MDL Winter 2015 European Qualifiers Grand Finals between Team Spirit and Elements Pro Gaming.

Team Spirit (former CIS Rejects) and Elements Pro Gaming clash together to determine which team will emerge to the main event of MDL Winter 2015. Team Spirit is on a dominating streak, (10 matches won in a row) smashing through Upper Bracket, defeating Elements earlier. However, Elements have made it through the Lower Bracket and are prepared for a rematch in a bo5 European Qualifiers Grand Finals!

Goblak vs. sQreen


Team Spirit is the new name of ex CIS Rejects, a Russian team formed in September earlier this year, headed by Goblak as their captain. Goblak is a Ukrainian player best known for playing alongside of Virtus.Pro, Team Empire, Na’Vi and RoX.Kis. An oldschool player and a brilliant drafter, Goblak has won as many as 12 grand championships in his career, now looking to fight his way back into the big leagues with his drafts.


Elements Pro Gaming is another Russian team headed by sQreen, a lesser known Russian player, looking to secure the first place in the qualifiers. With a recent pick up of famous Illidan as their new carry, (kicked from Team Empire as a part of a post-Major reshuffle) he might just have what it takes to stop Team Spirit’s winning streak.

Prediction: Team Spirit (60%)
Reason: Goblak’s experience in handling Grand Finals