Team Tricked loses all it’s players

Tricked has failed in resigning their player rosters for their CS.GO team

Competitive counterstrike team “Tricked” has released an official announcement that they have released all their players, and have NOT resigned the roster. It informs that the players will be free agents after the 30th of June as both management and the players were unable to reach an agreement regarding the collective contract renewal. Tricked also stated they are currently looking to pick up a new roster, or may even be up to creating a new roster from scratch. While it is not fully confirmed which route, the organisation will remain in competitive cs.go, regarding of the roster.

The roster’s performance have been extremely well, considering they are not considered a major organisation, nor were the players considered to be top tier individually prior to Trick’s formation. From their time with Tricked, they have managed to enter the semi-finals for the Danish Championship 2017 and Copenhagen Games 2017, the team’s biggest achievement so far.

It is believed the agreement broke down due to the organisation’s comparatively poor offers compared to other team, as Tricked’s CEO confirmed in a statement that individual players and roster received many offers after their performance at DreamHack, where they were able to beat G2.

Considering the roster’s amazing past performance, it is likely that they will sign with a new foreign organisation which wishes to enter the competitive scene. It is also believed the roster wishes to remain together if possible.