Team Vitality vs. G2 Esports – EU LCS – Week 8 – Day 1 – Preview

Team Vitality vs. G2 Esports are matched up against each other for the European League of Legends Series to be held Thursday, March 10, 2016 – Week 8 – Day 1


Cabochard : Kikis

Shook : Trick

Nukeduck : Perkz

Hjarnan : Emperor

kaSing : Hybrid

This will be a clash of titans, both are top tier teams and getting a win here is likely to enable them to clinch the top 2 spots.

For Vitality, Cabochard is a great carry in the top lane, from champions like Gankplank to Lucian, Shooks presence around the top lane lets him safely play aggressively and gain leads off of his opponents. Nukeduck plays many champions well, and Hjarnan and kaSing are a great duo in the bot lane, who are able to carry them team too.

G2 play an extremely aggressive style, pushing for kills and towers where other teams would not. Other teams haven’t punished their play, but with an extra week to review, Vitality might be able to unpack their style and beat them. However, Perkz in the midlane plays many champions, allowing his team to play many different comps, and Emperor is a very consistent AD carry, dealing out tonnes of damage in every fight.

Overall, this will be a very tough game, and whoever wins will most likely get one of the top two spots.

Chance of victory: Team Vitality: 55% : G2 Esports: 45%