Team Vitality vs. Unicorns of Love – EU LCS 2016 – Week 6 – Day 2 – Preview

Team Vitality vs. Unicorns of Love are matched up against each other for the European League of Legends Challenger Series to  be held Friday February 19, 2016 in Day 2, Week 6 of the competition.

Cabochard : Vizicsacsi

Shook : Rudy

Nukeduck : Fox

Hjarnan : Steeelbac

kaSing : Hylissang


In the fight for 3rd place, both these teams are going to want this win to bolster them up above the other. The top lane will most likely be the deciding factor of this game. If Cabochard can get ahead on some form of carry, or if Vizicsacsi can get a lead, then the game will likely swing towards their respective teams. Both the midlaners can play either control mages or assassins, and the AD carrys can both play a similar style. This game will be super close and whoever wins will most likely finish 3rd in the overall standings.

Predictions: Team Vitality: 50% l Unicorns of Love: 50%