Teamate AFK but still getting 4 honours?!

Shipthur gets 4 honors on stream while teamate was afk

Shiphtur gets 4 honors after winning a 4v5 with an AFK, do the math from leagueoflegends

A clip on Tiwtch has blown up through reddit with popular streamer, Shipthur getting 4 honours. While 4 honours on themselves aren’t really special, it’s a first when someone gets all 4 honours when only 3 teammates were present in game.

The only viable explanation would be MLGB Clown deliberately going AFK, sniping Shipthur’s stream, and at the end of the game, returning to honour the streamer. If this wasn’t the case, it could be a possible bug, but that’s unlikely. Even more unlikely, would be conspiracy theories of Riot boosting the honour levels of pro players or streamers.

it is likely MLGB will get punished, since after all, everyone that does something wrong and gets caught by trending in reddit gets slapped by Riot.