Tempest vs BD Tips , Odds and Previews.

Tempest vs BD.
This morning we are going to get a look at the head on collision between Tempest and BD as part of the BD Cup. This is a best of three event that commences at 5PM GMT. Both opponents reign from Russia which provides some regional competition!

BD or also known as Binary Dragons have achieved a team win statistic overall of 69% with 9 wins out of all 13 games. Their past five games have gifted them a 60% win rate of recent games with three wins over Empire, Rebels and Revolution out of their last five games.

Tempest are one of the freshest teams straight out of Russia with their first game only taking place on the 6th of March. They won that game giving them their first win over Revolution in a best of three (16 – 2 and 16 – 4).

Rosters include;
– vvalter
– 1uke
– rommi
– fenya
– chopper

Binary Dragons.
– It’s my
– balblna
– uNdo
– fAst

My prediction : 73% in the favour of Tempest based on their demolition of Revolution compared to BD’S win over them.

Calvin Hynes.