Tempo Storm dumps their existing Heroes of the Storm team

Tempo storm has announced that they will be releasing their HOTS team effective immediately.

The team comprised of :

Kurt “Kaeyoh” Ocher
Francisco “Goku” Avalos
Thomas “Tomster” Maguire

Previously :

Aaron “erho” Kappes
Brian “Zixz” Skarda

Tempostorm HOTS dropped

The team has not given a reason in their “statement” for the release, only addressing that the team will be dropped. Tempo Storm stated they are not exiting the Hereos of the Storm scene, and they will be revealing their new roster soon.

It is likely the team has been dropped either because Tempo storm were unable to fill the other 2 roster spots in time for upcoming tournaments, or that the team was performing fairly poorly since results in the competitive scene weren’t that great this year.