Tempo Storm vs Dignitas Analysis, Odds and Previews

Tempo Storm vs Dignitas.CEVO Logo

Today we will examine the match up that’s hosted by Cevo which is Tempo Storm versus Dignitas. This is a Best of Three event that commences at 12.45pm GMT 29/04/2016. These teams have never challenged one another and it will be exciting to see who will be victorious!

Tempo Storm have been proving their worth recently, defeating EnvyUs on Cobblestone but failed to scrape out a win against the French side on Inferno. Tempo Storm have also been occupying themselves with CEVO Professional Season 9 where they recently defeated SK Gaming. They attended DreamHack Malmo earlier this month where they kicked off with a bang putting EnvyUs in the danger zone of an elimination but unfortunately EnvyUS fought back hard and defeated them in their next encounter at the Minor. They were knocked out by Virtus.Pro and EnvyUs.

Tempo Storm vs SK GAMING = WIN
Tempo Storm vs EnvyUs = LOSS
Tempo Storm vs Virtus.Pro = LOSS
Tempo Storm vs EnvyUs = WIN
Tempo Storm vs CLG = LOSS

Dignitas have been demolishing their opponents recently with an 80% win rate in their recent games in the Pro League Season 3 and one game in CEVOProfessional Season 9. It looks like Dignitas are the strongest team in this match up and will probably take the win.
Dignitas Results:
Dignitas vs Selfless = Win
Dignitas vs SK GAMING = Win
Dignitas vs SK GAMING = Win
Dignitas vs Faze = Loss
Dignitas vs Faze = Win


My prediction: 82% to Dignitas based ontheir win rate recently (80%) while Tempo Storm have only won 40% of their recent games.

Calvin Hynes.