Tempostorm signs “Untitled Spreadsheet” as their Overwatch team

Tempostorm has decided to sign team Untitled spreadsheet, currently the dominating team on the Oceania region.


Tempostorm have announced they are thrilled with the pick up and that not only had they “picked up a not only player (they) wanted to have a long time *tjk*” but also that it allowed Gunba back on to flex where he is much more enabled to lead the team”. The team’s manager Philip “redact” Pretty also stated that he “want(s) to show that Australia can not only keep up with the rest of the world, but beat the rest of the world and make the Tempo Storm name proud.”

The team as a whole rank amongst the top 10 in the world in terms of skill, even though the OCE region isn’t very big, being a top of a region is quite a feat. The OCE region has usually been neglected throughout gaming / esports events and organizations throughout the world, so the change of having an OCE team sign with a major gaming organization is a big boost to the Oceania competitive gaming scene.

With the team having recently just signed to Tempostorm, they will be rushing to get ready for the  Heroes League playoffs next week where the team will then officially represent Tempostorm! You can catch the Hereos League playoffs on Twitch Here