The International 2016 breaks $18.4 million Prize pool record!

The International 2016 prize pool has beaten it’s own record of $18.4 on the 26th of July 2016.

The international 2016 2

This is insane to see a single tournament event having such a huge prize pool with such high stakes for each team. The main reason why the tournament has such incredible prize pools is mainly due to all tickets being sold, have a 25% contribution towards the total prize pool for the teams. The International 2016 is also by far the biggest Dota 2 tournament around, which attracts fans from all around the world to get a piece of the action.

The international 2016 prize pool

It is extremely high stakes, as the winning team last year (Evil Geniuses) received 36% of the total prize pool, just over 6,600,000 USD! Even the bottom teams last year received a $50,000 boost, which is why “The International” tournaments are such a high priority for teams therefore containing some of the best actions around thus attracting players / fans  from all around the world.

The international 2016

The prize pool be able to break last year’s record was partly credited to the release of the Immortal Treasure III, a special skin set for Battle Pass holders. This release in no doubt has risen the purchase of Battle passes which fund the tournament prize pool. The original prize pool provided was $1,600,000 million USD, where as xplained before, 25% of battle passes contribute towards the prize pool. It is recorded that only a mere 2 weeks in when the sale started, the prize pool for The International 2016 hit a grand $10,000,000.