The International 2016 prize pool breaks $20 million mark!

As of August the 8th, The International 2016 prize pool has broken the $20,000,000 USD Mark

This sets a Major mile stone for the esports industry as a whole, as this is the biggest gaming esports tournament prize pool in history! With the raise in prize pool distribution for the winning team, the stakes are higher than ever before to claim the top spot. The difference between the winner’s prize and runner up prize is over a staggering 5.5 million US Dollars!

As the event continues, the prize pool is expected to rise as last minute tickets are sold which already contribute around 85% of the prize pool. It is also expected as the prize pool rises, the winning team of The International 2016 will rake in an astronomical $9,000,000 USD.

TI6 prize pool distribution tracker

The event starts at 1pm Eastern time and is hosted at KeyArena in Seattle, Washington.