The International 2017 directly invited teams announced

Six teams have received a direct invite to the biggest Dota tournament to date

12 spots remain to be decided from various qualifiers, as 6 of thr biggest and most well known Dota 2 teams have received a direct invite to participate in The International 2017. These 18 teams will likely share the biggest prize pool not only in Blizzard history, but across all games and other events once again making The International 2017 hold the record for largest esports prize pool. The invest were described to be sent to those teams whom have demonstrated their worth over the past year throughout their numerous tournament participation.

While many might think it is unfair for teams to reeve direct incites,  and the system leaves room for corruption. There is little doubt that any of the team’s invited do not deserve it. The most obvious being team OG, who managed to take out the Boston major and the Kiew major near the start of the year. Some may say Invictus may not deserve their invite due to recent poor performance, however, they did manage to take first place at the Dota 2 Asia Championships. Since there aren’t many teams from the Asian region, I think it’d reasonable the we’re given the invite