The International 2017 prize pool tops 15 million USD

On track to break last year’s International prize pool, the total has broken 15 million and is expected to rise

image courtesy of Wykrhm

The International 2017 tournament, one of the biggest, if not the largest gaming tournament out there is on track once again to beat it’s previous record set last year. As many know, the International majors are famous for containing absolutely insane prize pools in their million, where the majority is pretty much crowd funded through the purchase of special in game items, where a proportion of all sales goes towards the prize pool’s tournaments. Looking at the data, this year’s event is definitely on track to surpass the prize pool set last year, as the current total is over a million above the time it was at last year’s event.

By making the special International 2017 levelling Battle Pass untradeable, this has increased the sale of the item, prompting more people to buy the pass to access the rare items that will never be assessable again. The increase contribution is likely due to the International 2017 leveling Battle Pass, as most of the money generated from the sale also goes towards the International 2017 prize pool. While it is unlikely that new teams will enter Dota 2 just for tis prize pool, as it is already extremely competitive due to the previous appeal, it’s great that the best teams will have access to more resources to improve competitive play.