The Rain Man permanently banned!


The Rain Man has been permently banned on all of his accounts

It has been no secret that former pro player and youtuber, “The Rain Man” used to be one of the most toxic players on league. However, he has recently reformed publically making videos about being positive, no matter the situation. His positivity may be viewed as over the top, and even funny at some times, where TRM congratulated his team for participating in the game even if they lose.

That said, not many people like The Rain Man as they view him as a troll, popular streamer and youtube IWillDominate even called TRM a washed up and hard stuck D-5 player for 5 seasons. It is likely Riot’er that banned TRM too holds a grudge against him, while he did troll for one game, it is not usually grave enough for such a severe consequence as a permanent ban.

Not only did The Rain Man get an almost instant ban after trolling on stream, the moment he logged into another account and finished a game on stream, that account was too permanently banned. This means that TRM will be facing a ban simular if not exact to as Tyler1, where he will be unable to play / stream league of legends, or face getting yet another account permanently banned. He has also announced he will be quitting League of Legends, however, it is still probable the permanent ban will be lifted as he is not a serial offender.

Anyhow, thumbs up for him trying to be positive while trolling