ThijsNL wins the Curse Trials tournament

ThijsNL won the $30,000 Curse Trials tournament which was hosted by Team Archon. The Curse trials tournament was intended on showcasing the future of Hearthstone, with the removal of the GvG and Naxx cards from the new standard mode. This means all players that participated in the tournament would have made decks according to the future meta style. ( Players were not allowed to include cards from both the Naxx and GvG expansion)

Curse trials 2

TjijsNL took spectators by surprise with the win, as it was reported that he wasn’t up-to-date with the current meta coupled with his extremely low win rates. Thijs

ThijsNL showed good understanding of how to combind the older classic cards with the newly introduced cards from the Grand tournament and League of explorers. He seems to really get the hang of the upcoming meta, and is one to watch since he has previously developed affective decks that will surely be strong when the update rolls out.