Thought on ARAM’s snowball in ranked games?

Reddit has triggered a discussion, which champs would be god-tier with the snowball summonor

Snowball = Mark (actual name of the summonor spell)
Howling Abyss Murder Bridge lol

While Snowball is undoubtedly a useful summoner in ARAM, it may be severely lacking in normal / ranked games for summoners rift. This is because the Snowball is used to close distances between two champions in the actual packed mode, where kills mean everything. Overall, it is good to engage in Aram, but isn’t too good in 1 v 1 situations.

That said, some champions could still make use of it in summoenrs rift, the most popular suggestion in reddit being Alistar. There is no doubt Alistar would be god tier with the snowball summoner, since he can gap close, instantly CC you then proceed to knock you back. With snowball, he’ll pose an ever present threat.

If snowball was introduced in summoners rift, it’d perform differently depending on the rank and mechanical skill of players. Low elo players will tend to get hit more often compared to high elo, more mechanically skilled players which can easily dodge the slow snowball cast.