TI5 All Star Player to get a gift from Valve

Reddit user /u/mcbizco was lucky to be a part of the All star Match held during TI5. He played along with Notail and had the time of his life spending time with professional dota 2 players behind the scenes. He had even made a reddit post at the time stating the same.

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Recently, Valve sent him a letter ( Prior to TI6). They asked him for his shipping details so that they could send him a souvenir to enjoy.


He elaborates in his reddit post : 


Last year I was lucky enough to be picked in the all-star match, after we finished up the Valve employees asked for our email addresses to send us a little something. Unfortunately I never heard any follow up. Fast forward to a week before Ti6 and I got an email from a Valve employee asking for my shipping info:

“With this year’s tournament on the horizon, I wanted to reach out to you to so we could send you a little something as a thank you for your participation.”

Just got the shipping info last night and the package is 1.2 lbs/0.54 kgs. Anyone care to join me in guessing what it could be?

P.S. Huge thanks to Valve, the experience alone was unbelievable, this is above and beyond 🙂

Any guesses as to what it might be? ;d