TI6 V TI5 Dota 2 Prize Pool Comparison

The say a picture tells a thousand words, well this is certainly the case in regards to the prize money for the worlds richest esport tournament, The Dota 2 International. Please keep up to date everything TI6 at Esprts.com

TI6 V TI5 dota 2

The total prize pool is not much different compared to last year, however, the percentages of which the teams received has been seriously tweaked. The winner’s last year from TI5 received a 36% share from the total prize pool, this year this will be seriously increased to a staggering 44%! This means the winner of this year’s tournament is already guaranteed to take home another $1,700,000 more than last year’s winners, Evil Geniuses.

TI6 prize pool distribution

The adjustments to heighten the stakes for the grand final and overall prize pool change distributions has effected the other placements by a small amount. The most important change beside the winner’s prize, is that the last teams (13th-16th) will have their prize pool distributions almost doubled from 0.3% to 0.5%. This is a welcomed change as every team participating has put in so much hard work, and it is only right that the “losers” of the TI6 still be compensated fairly.

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