TI7 prize pool breaks world record!

The International 2017 has surpassed last year’s record with 30+ days left

As many foresaw and expected, the TI7 prize pool has once again, broke it’s previous record for the highest esports prize pool tournament throughout ANY game. The prize pool is currently approaching $21,000,000 and is expected to break the milestone within the coming week. This means it has not only broken the record set by last year’s TI6, but also, will certainly continue to prize and set a never seen before record, likely only to be broken by next year’s TI8.

That said, overall, I expect the TI7 prize pool to peak at $25,000,000 with the introduction of a small item or souvenir from Valve’s part. As most know, The International series are able to reach such high prize pools due to their generous profit sharing scheme. This is derived from around a quarter of all sales profit in the TI7 battle basses, along with other smaller collectables.

The main event will start on the second of August, which will mark the end for crowd funding. It will be in the KeyArena (Seattle) where the 16 teams will compete for a share in the final prize pool, all of which have been invited through various ways.